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YouTube ReVanced Extended 18.30.37

by Noor


One of the most widely used sites for watching and sharing videos is YouTube. However, a lot of people think the official YouTube app is missing some functions and personalization choices. The solution is YouTube Advanced Extended. We’ll examine this modified YouTube app in more detail in this article, along with the benefits it offers.

How does YouTube ReVanced Extended work?

A modified version of the official YouTube app called YouTube ReVanced Extended provides a number of extra features and customization choices. Based on the open-source project YouTube Vanced, this modified version offers much more capability and versatility.

YouTube ReVanced Extended has a number of noteworthy features, including:

  • Ad-blocking: The modified program prevents all kinds of advertisements, including banner and video adverts, making for a smoother and more pleasurable viewing experience.
  • Background playback: One of the official YouTube app’s biggest drawbacks is that it stops playing when you close the app or lock your smartphone. You may keep listening to your favorite videos with YouTube ReVanced Extended even when the app is closed or your smartphone is locked.
  • You can watch videos in a small window while running other programs when utilizing PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode. Multitasking is benefited by it.
  • Themes, color schemes, and accent colors are just a few of the customization possibilities available in YouTube ReVanced Extended. In low-light situations, you can also decide to use a dark theme for a more comfortable viewing experience.

What makes YouTube ReVanced Extended appealing?

For consumers seeking a YouTube app that is more adaptable and customized, YouTube ReVanced Extended has a number of advantages. Here are a few explanations as to why you might want to take into account this altered version:

  • Ad-free viewing: Using YouTube ReVanced Extended is highly recommended just for the ad-blocking capability. All advertisements are removed, including those that are challenging to skip or delete from the official app.
  • Better functionality: The modded software is more adaptable and user-friendly than the official YouTube app thanks to the extra features and customization possibilities.
  • improved performance Many users claim that compared to the official app, YouTube ReVanced Extended is more stable and has fewer bugs.
  • Enhanced privacy: A number of privacy features, such as the ability to turn off tracking and restrict data collection, are included in the modded software.

How can YouTube ReVanced Extended be installed?

The first thing to do if you want to try out YouTube ReVanced Extended is to download the APK file from a reliable source. The APK file can be found on YouTube ReVanced Extended’s official website or on other third-party websites.

Be sure to allow “Unknown sources” in your device’s settings before installing the app. Tap the APK file to begin the installation procedure after it has been downloaded. To finish the installation, adhere to the instructions.

It’s crucial to remember that using apps that have been modified carries some hazards. To prevent malware and other security problems, you should only download and install APK files from reputable sources.


Overall, the modded version of the official YouTube app known as YouTube ReVanced Extended is strong and flexible. It’s not surprising that many users prefer this software over the official version given its ad-blocking, background playback, PiP mode, and customization possibilities. Check out YouTube ReVanced Extended if you’re seeking for a better, more individualized YouTube experience.

Product Information

  • File Name: YouTube ReVanced Extended v18.30.37
  • Version: 18.30.37
  • Setup Size: 65.2MB
  • Release Date: August 6, 2023
  • Languages: English
  • Created By: ReVanced

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