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XrayPB – AIO Tunnel VPN 1.8.6 APK

by Noor

Free APK Download for Android Phones and Tablets: XrayPB – AIO Tunnel VPN Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free. Using the v2ray/xray core, a client application creates and transfers data via a secure encrypted tunnel over the internet to a VPN server.

Features of XrayPB: AIO Tunnel VPN

Connect securely

No matter which internet connection method you choose—Shadowsocks or V2Ray tunnel—your data is protected from potential dangers by encryption on your internet connection.

Supporting SSL/TLS

The software supports SSL/TLS tunneling, which gives your online interactions an additional layer of protection.

No Root is required.

XrayPB-AIO Tunnel VPN doesn’t run on your device with the root rights required by some VPN companies.

Shadowsocks client built-in

The program speeds up connecting to servers and provides a seamless user experience thanks to an integrated Shadowsocks client.

DNS Settings

The app offers the flexibility of using either Google DNS or a custom DNS, allowing you to optimize your browsing experience according to your preferences.


XrayPB-AIO Tunnel VPN emerges as a trustworthy ally in a risky digital environment by offering a safe channel for your internet activity. This app offers a variety of functions to match your needs, whether you’re worried about privacy, want access to information that’s been prohibited, or want to improve your online security. You are empowered to take charge of your online experience because of its user-friendly interface and support for multiple tunneling options.

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