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Threads APK

by Noor
Threads APK

About Threads

Share thoughts and memories with your Instagram followers using threads.

Instagram’s Threads is a text-based discussion tool that lets users keep up with their top creators, grow a devoted following, and have conversations about a range of topics. What Threads Is

The Threads app allows you to:

  • Connect with your Instagram followers. Stay in touch with your friends, buddies, and beloved creators
  • Get on the Explore page to find someone you might like to follow 
  • Share your thoughts and ideas on a new thread
  • Control your visibility. Manage who can see your posts, profiles, and more
  • Get inspired by ideas and comments in the Instagram Threads community. Find new content ideas for your future posts and create unique content.
  • Track trends. Find the most popular content of all time.
  • Watch the live broadcast. Random live video feeds to find and view on Threads.
  • Adjust your Instagram account settings. Personalize what to see on Instagram Threads
  • Get push notifications when someone leaves comments under your post, follows your account, or likes you.

The Threads app will soon receive a range of additional features. Stay current. ahead of time, add and test new features!

What’s New in the Latest Version

Published on August 26, 2023

Introducing fresh features for Threads:
Send an Instagram DM thread.
For accessibility, add unique alt text to photos and videos.

Additionally, we corrected issues and enhanced performance. Download the most recent version of the app to take advantage of the newest features.

Additional APP Details

  • Latest version
  • Update Request Threads
  • published by
  • needs Android
  • Android 9.0 and later
  • accessible on
  • Download Threads from Google Play.
  • Category
  • Free Social Media App

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