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Subway Surfers Version 3.16.1 APK

by Noor
Subway Surfers Version 3.16.1 APK

About Subway Surfers

a well-known game of infinite running! Try to get away from the cranky Inspector and his dog by running along the subways!

Join us in San Francisco, pick your favorite avatar, and let’s play Subway Surfers for the finest running experience of all time!

  • Run as quickly as you can while attempting to stay clear of the approaching train.
  • Make sure the police officer won’t catch you by exercising caution.
  • While playing, take advantage of the full HD graphics and great sound effects by collecting objects along the way and continuing to run without stopping.

RUN as quickly as you can!

AVOID the approaching trains!

Assist Jake, Tricky, and Fresh in getting away from the angry Inspector and his dog.

  • Train hard with your hip group!
  • HD graphics with vibrant colors!
  • Surfing on a hoverboard!
  • a jetpack powered by paint!
  • Swift and agile swipe acrobatics!
  • Encourage and support your pals!

Join the wildest chase!

a universal app with images that are HD-optimized.

by Sybo and Kiloo.

What’s New in the Latest Version 3.16.1

Last updated on Aug 14, 2023

– Our greenest update yet – the Subway Surfers World Tour goes to Rio!
– Play your part for the Amazon Rainforest! Get Yutani’s exclusive Harlequin Toad Outfit and help preserve Amazon wildlife.
– Unlock the new Jamanta Board, go Underwater to collect Event Coins and power up the Board, and join the fight for cleaner oceans!
– Complete the Staged Tag Time Attack Challenge to unlock Super Scout Fernando and explore the Rainforest.
– Discover Tainá, her Kite Board, and much more!

Additional Game Information

  • Latest version
  • Subway Surfers Update 3.16.1 must be downloaded.
  • published by
  • needs Android
  • Android 5.0 and above
  • accessible on
  • Google Play has Subway Surfer available.
  • Category
  • No-cost arcade game

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