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Instagram Latest Version APK

by Noor
Instagram Latest Version

About Instagram

Use Instagram to capture, edit, and share your original ideas.

On Instagram, you may share your daily activities with your friends and followers as well as entertaining occasions. 10 or more images and videos are allowed per post. Place a place in, use some filters, and then share! You may view what other users have posted, their most recent activity, and much more on Instagram.

Instagram Reels

Create, edit, and cut 15- and 30-second-long short videos to distribute.

-Your videos can come to life with the help of filters, emoticons, music, and many other unique effects.

-Sharing your brief videos on INSTA Reels can help you gain more subscribers.

On the Reels page, you may watch a ton of entertaining, instructive, and inspirational videos and share them with your friends.

Instagram Story

  • -Use fonts, music, gifs, and stickers to share your daily highlights and stories.
  • -Put your meme in writing and circulate it among your friends.
  • For an Instagram Story video to loop, click the Boomerang symbol.
  • Create a poll to get your audience involved.
  • -Pin your favorite posts to the top of your profile feed to draw attention to them.

Instagram Direct

  • Send succinct texts, lovely images, and amusing videos in chats.
  • -Stay in touch with your pals wherever you are, at any time.

Instagram Feed

  • -Explore the community and share content you care about.
  • -Instant feed-sharing experiences on Instagram
  • -Refresh your feed with new posts
  • -Get a push notification when someone like or leave comments on your fee

Information on Instagram

  • Follow athletes, artists, celebrities, and more on Instagram.
  • -Watch humorous skits, movie clips, music videos, and sports highlights.
  • -Check out the IGTV channel for longer footage.
  • -Partner with your favorite businesses and use Instagram to display your products.

New Features in Version

  • Last updated on Aug 8, 2023
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!
  • Latest Version
  • Please update Instagram to
  • published by
  • needs Android
  • Android 9.0 and later
  • accessible on
  • Download Instagram from Google Play.
  • Category
  • Free Social Media App

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