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CarX Street Latest Version 0.9.4 APK - PC INFO HUB
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CarX Street Latest Version 0.9.4 APK

by Noor
CarX Street Latest Version 0.9.4 APK

Regarding CarX Street

Come to the dynamic open world of CarX Street! We’ll see you on the track!

Experience the thrill of street racing in the dynamic open world of CarX Street and become the living legend of Sunset City. Immerse yourself in realistic races on highways and city streets, or take on high-speed drift races brought to you by the makers of CarX Drift Racing 2. With CarX Technology’s realist

Key attributes of CarX Street:

In the career mode, you can decide whether to practice drifting in various racing settings or drive at peak speed. Join clubs, take down bosses, and establish yourself as the city’s top driver. Build collections that are particular to each race mode, buy houses for your cars, and customize your automobile to its utmost capacity.

Dynamic Environments: In the vast universe of CarX Street, you can drive at any time of day or night thanks to the game’s dynamic day and night shifts.

Improved Car Tuning: The game features a thorough car-building system that lets you swap out pieces and alter your vehicle to fit particular races. You can upgrade your car’s body, suspension, tires, engine, transmission, and other components to create a one-of-a-kind ride.

Visual automobile Customization: To give your automobile a unique and personalized look, customize its outside features including its mirrors, headlights, lights, skirts, bumpers, rims, and more.

Realistic mobile racing experience: Take charge of your vehicle by mastering the outstanding physics and controls. Experience the thrilling mobile racing action with stunning graphics as you explore the incredible open universe.

New Features in the Most Recent Version 0.9.4

14 August 2023: latest update

Improvements and minor bug fixes. Check it out by downloading or updating to the most recent version!New Features in Version 0.9.4

Additional Game Information

modern version

Obtain CarX Street Update 0.9.4 here.

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needs Android

Android 9.0 and later

accessible on

Download CarX Street from Google Play.


No cost racing game

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