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Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena Latest version 1.6.40 APK

by Noor

Mobile – Garena: Information on Call of Duty

Season 6 of Call of Duty: Mobile: Templar’s Oath

A well-liked big-action game you shouldn’t miss.

  • Strong and compelling storylines will draw you into many types of combat, including single and squad modes.
  • Weapon customization: Players can add the most damaging modifications to their own guns, from the barrel to the rear grip.
  • Coins and incentives: There will be a generous supply of daily coins and seasonal rewards.
  • A fresh gaming experience with periodic updates.
  1. The New MP Apocalypse Map
    MP Optimisation 2.
    New MP Modes 3.
  2. ODEN, a newly developed weapon
    Fifth-New Ranked Series

Play the renowned first-person shooter game right from your fingertips. Don your armor and join the fight!

Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena action is about to pick up!

Apocalypse on a New Map
Soldiers are guided to the opposing stronghold by mysterious hints. This time, warriors must battle their way through a hazardous rainforest’s diverse environment!

(New Multiplayer)

The squad is guided by a trail of hints to Laos’ untamed woods. Here, we raid a cartel base in the forest. Soldiers in the enemy stronghold must take precautions since danger lurks in this tropical area.

Visit the new Apocalypse map page to play!

The complicated setting of a perilous rainforest in.

(New Mode)

Return of Guns Blazing Mode
A brand-new mode that pits two powerful warriors against one another as their wrath builds! Every time a player dies or earns a bonus kill streak point, they experience fury. One achieves super warrior status when the fury bar is full! Players will have bigger health bars and dual-wield death machines when in the super warrior stage.

(New Feature)

Customizing the Minimap
Long pressing the minimap expands it to full size; releasing the button closes it. This can be customized via the minimap settings by players.

(Updates to Performance)

Optimal Bullet Trajectory
Information can now be easily retrieved, and the trajectory of teammates’ and foes’ bullets is much clearer.

New Features in the Most Recent Version 1.6.40

Last updated on Jul 27, 2023

Minor enhancements and bug fixes. To test it out, download or update to the most recent version!

Additional Game Information

  • modern version
  • Request the Garena Update 1.6.40 for Call of Duty®: Mobile.
  • needs Android
  • Android 5.0 and above
  • accessible on
  • Visit Google Play to purchase Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena.
  • Category
  • No cost action game
  • Report
  • Mark as inappropriateMore information about the game.

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