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Adguard – Block Ads Without Root 4.1.101

by Noor

Adguard: Block Ads Without Root Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Smartphones and Tablets is available for free download. The easiest way to get rid of invasive ads, block internet tracking, and guard against viruses is to do this.

Adguard Premium APK for Android Overview

The best approach to getting rid of unwanted ads, blocking internet tracking, and guarding against viruses is with AdGuard. With AdGuard, you can browse the web more quickly, securely, and comfortably.

AdGuard is a special no-root ad blocker for Android that gets rid of advertisements in browsers and apps, safeguards your privacy, and facilitates app management.

It includes everything you’ll ever need from an Android Adblock tool, and it works on both rooted and unrooted devices. It is simple to set up and use, but powerful and very customizable.

Why choose Adguard Premium APK?

  • Block across the entire system. This includes advertisements in games, apps, browsers, apps you use frequently, and any website you can think of. The finest filtering quality is ensured by the availability of numerous ad filters that are frequently updated.
  • Your data’s privacy is extremely important to us. You will be protected by AdGuard from web-based trackers and analytics programs that prowl for sensitive data to steal.


  • Less advertising load when more ads are banned. More traffic is saved when fewer adverts are loaded. Math is made easy with AdGuard! Install the program after downloading the apk file, and instead of spending your traffic on intrusive advertisements, use it for things you enjoy.


  • You control what is filtered and what is not since it is your device. You may modify the filters using a variety of options — from basic to advanced — and an Apps Management tool.


  • Any app’s cellular/WiFi access can be turned off completely and restored just as quickly. You may therefore choose which apps send data.


Do not want a certain program or browser to be filtered for any reason. No issue — a single tap will exclude it from filtering.

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