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8 Ball Pool Latest Version 5.13.3 APK

by Noor
8 Ball Pool Latest Version 5.13.3 APK

About 8 Ball Pool

Play multiplayer or 1v1 matches against your pals in 8 Ball Pool!

A well-liked online multiplayer game called 8 Ball Pool has been designed around actual 3D pool games. While playing against your friends and other players, the game is made to test your pool knowledge and tactics. You can use several balls and table types in multiplayer or PvP modes.

Key characteristics of 8 ball pool:

You may sign up for free with your Miniclip or Facebook account and challenge your friends to a PvP pool battle while you’re on the road. Compete against them in multiplayer tournaments. Playing with and competing against friends is made simple with this feature.

Play for coins and win unique items: Coins are on the line in every competitive PvP match. These coins can be used to upgrade your cue and pool table as well as purchase new things for the Pool Shop. The level mechanism in the game ensures that you are constantly playing against tough opponents in the 8 ball league.

The game is made to increase your intelligence and pool skills, so be sure to aim better when instruction balls.

New Features in the Most Recent Version 5.13.3

Last updated on Aug 14, 2023.

A new 8 Ball Pool update is due.
Download the most recent version of the game to get the most out of it as a new, fantastic Season approaches.
Additionally, we fixed some annoying issues, made various adjustments, and made 8 Ball Pool even smoother for your amusement.
To access the fresh content, download the most recent version right away! It’s time to start betting!

Additional Game Information:

  • modern version
  • Make an 8 Ball Pool Update 5.13.3 request.
  • published by PC INFO HUB 
  • needs Android
  • Android 4.4 and higher
  • accessible on
  • 8 Ball Pool is available on Google Play.
  • Category
  • Free Sporting Event

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